“Ebulue loves Igbo language. He writes in Igbo language. The greeting we use in Umudioka: Dioka/Abunya. Dioka/Abunya; he was the one who composed it. He was the one who also introduced the way of greeting women: Ada Dioka, which means daughter of Umudioka. All these are ways of strengthening the Dioka identity. His cultural strength stretches even beyond Umudioka. There are anthems for Neni and Umudioka and Ebulue is behind their composition.”
Chief Nwakenezi
"As an orphan, the loss of my uncle who took care of me meant that my education had ended until I met Eyisi Ebuluo. He took charge and sponsored me throughout my education, paying for my school fees and buying everything that I needed. He is a father figure to me.”
Oliver Oyedum
“Eyisi Ebuluo knows the power of literacy. When you talk to him, you see it. He knows the importance of the individual in terms of the culture where the person comes from. People get educated and get carried away by Western education. They think that English for instance is the language of that should supplant your Mother Tongue. No language in the world is incapable of describing the phenomena around it. We need to discover our roots. This is what EEF is doing through the Igbo language debates”
Professor Chidi Maduka


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