Partner With Us.

We welcome the support of organisations and individuals in attaining our goals. Join us to empower local communities today.
  • Join us at the art exhibition
    In August 2018, we will host an art exhibition tagged: “Masquerades: Echoes of the Nkadioka Festival.” The event will show the sights and sounds from the 2017 Nkadioka Festival, and draw attention to a dying tradition among the Igbo people of Nigeria. We hope that through this event, we will re-open conversations on dying traditional cultures in Nigeria.
  • Support us to build a community health centre
    Health is wealth but not so for many old people in rural communities in Nigeria. Once over 60, many old people see health conditions as the beginning of death. This is why we are building a health centre at Neni, a rural community in Anambra. Once the hospital is complete, the aged in Neni and neighbouring towns can have access to quality health care. With the health centre, sickness at an old age will not be a death sentence.
  • Partner with us to empower the indigent
    We believe in communality that existed in traditional African societies where communities came together to help one another to rise. Your organisation can help provide internship and many other opportunities that could be of benefits to the indigent children in the community.
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